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Information on Sweat Lodges, Native American Names, The Sundance, some Native Etiquette and much more can be found here. Enjoy My Native Campfires and please take a moment to sign my guest book when your done. Thank You.


I feel like I've walked thousands of miles and lived many lifetimes...
Like anyone it hasn't always been easy the roads I've chosen for myself.
But, we live and hopefully we learn. Fond of the saying..."There are no such things as coincidences in life... It's destiny remaining anonymous" I really believe that besides, what would life be without the little surprises along the way. Just that some didn't have to be as harsh as they were... or... maybe they did.

I do know that my experiences have been numerous and exposed me to many different people with 
many different ideas and backgrounds which influenced me to a great extent to where I'm now in my life... regarding my philosophical beliefs... ethics... morals... spirituality... etc.

My father... gave me a deep appreciation and respect of nature which I'm very grateful for and I think 
I got my humor... what there is of it from my mother. She always challenged and pushed me to be the fullest of what I could be... and grow into, as far as choices, what life offers.

I'm a country kind of girl... not a easy life always... but a rewarding one in ways I can't possibly begin
to list here for it would take toooo much time and space. I love the serenity you find in the woods, and loving animals as I do... it all goes hand in hand with my basic nature.

But... to all those who have come into my life and remained as friends... growing with me... learning 
from each other... all the ups and downs that come with a real friendship... you have blessed and 
enriched my life and I'm a better person because of you... and some of you I consider family...

Thank You for the countless times you have been there for me.




DSES 2004