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The Iroquois were the most powerful and best organized nation of any of the other North American native tribes, and they did it by expanding their land and influence through force. However, to use force successfully a weapon is a tremendous force multiplier, and in the case of the Iroquois, they had four useful weapons. The war club, the lance, the bow, and the tomahawk.

The war club is essentially the Iroquois version of the mace, with a few variations. Usually it was a simple wooden ball affixed to a length of wood, however there may have been a few with a spike jutting out of the ball itself. When this weapon is used it crushes skulls and bones, and provides instant death in the case of the former and a prolonged death in the case of the latter. The war club is also the only purpose built weapon of the Iroquios. The others double as tools.


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