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In this day and age we all should have a "Talking Stick". The closest thing we have to this is a moderator now....and time limits.

Anyway, when natives went to either men's circles or women's circles, because they had something they wished to discuss, or anytime at a council meeting when things needed to be discussed, the simplest way to be sure no one started talking or shouting over each other and everyone talking at once was the 'TALKING STICK'. This kept things orderly.

The rules of the Talking Stick were very simply and VERY effective....

Everyone would sit in a circle and the person chosen to begin the talks would hold the talking stick giving that person the floor to speak uninterrupted. NO ONE dared to speak till that person holding the stick then passed it to the person next to him or her in a clockwise manner...then ONLY that person could speak...this kept going on till eveyone had a chance to hold the talking stick and speak their piece...keeping things very orderly, and giving everyone a chance to be heard.

There was NO time limit as to how long someone could talk...and if you wanted to address something they said best you have a good memory about it as there is no pencils, pens, notepads etc. to jot things down.

Talking sticks were generally made of just about anything and sometimes in a hurry you used just about anything.

Ceremonial talking sticks most often were kept short for ease of passing, and holding.

Some were elaborately decorated and some were kept simple.

Here are just a few pictures of some "talking sticks"


Talking Stick          Fancy Talking Stick


Talking Stick and Fancy Talking Stick



Assorted Talking Sticks


Assorted Talking Sticks








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