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This Is My Home

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Back & Side

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My Entrance

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Front From Lake

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   Front Garden

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Garden Steps

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Garden From Den

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 Lake Swimming

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 My Best Buddy Scooter   

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Lil Adopted Girl 



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Yes I Do Hunt

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Lil Town Post Office


Deer  Hide

Buckskin Dress I Tanned n Made etc...

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White Owl

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OwlDog n Spirit Song In My Canoe






So many times I hear of someone having a Native American name just to find out that name was just handed to them by someone who is not even Native American or... they just gave it to themselves either just because they thought it was the thing to do or... on the instructions of someone to do that who doesn't have a clue or right to do so.  It's important for you to know that a Native American name isn't  just happened upon. A Native American name is just as important to us as a Christian name given in Baptism. And just as the sacrament of Baptism is  a Holy Ceremony, so is the Ceremony  by which a Native Name is given.   There are certain things that are done according to OUR CUSTOMS and our TRADITIONS to come by a Native American name...IN THE RIGHT WAY.  They are not just handed out like tootsie pops to kids! 

So often we are asked to share what our culture and customs are about and its wondered why we don't do this as freely as some would like us to.  Its because of things like this that happen that stop us from doing just that!  Our ways, customs, traditions, and ceremonies... BELONG TO US!!!

Be proud of your own heritage and stop trying to be what your not in ways you don't understand or have a right to do.  You make fools of yourselves and a mockery of our Sacred Ways and Traditions...and then you feel insulted because we do not speak of these things to you.  Have you ever thought of how you insult us by doing stupid things like just taking a name that sounds Native American , especially when some of those names are some of our great leaders names or of our sacred truths... for instance... White Buffalo, or CrazyHorse etc.  Even our own people don't do this. 

Another thing is... what some of you call Totem Animals or Spirit Guides - This is another thing you don't just happen upon because someone told you they see this, or that as your Spirit Guide or Totem Animal.  Again, this is something very Sacred and Personal and acquired in a certain way. Also, once that does happen, you NEVER speak of this to anyone telling them what that guide is...its that personal and Sacred. Besides, what business is it of anyone else's, and most certainly... YOU DON'T HAVE A DOZEN or so of these hanging around to your beck an call like I hear so many speak of as well.

In chat sites, the audacity of readers who claim to see and have the right to do this because they claim to be led by Spirit to do this...is a BLATANT MOCKERY, and even more so, if they also claim to have Native blood.  THEY LIE.  It is not ok to do this or believe this to be true.  If you are of the many who have done so... you have been sorely mislead in accepting a name or guide this way and the person having told you this... HAS LIED and more so, has absolutely NO RIGHT whatsoever to do this.

There is a certain protocol to acquiring both a Native Name and your Sacred Animal Guide.  Part of that is...YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN!  Or, have in some way EARNED THE RIGHT to such things.  And , if you go around saying you have a Native Name or a Spirit Guide; be prepared to be asked how you got them.  If not in the  proper way... then you also LIE, to yourself and it will quickly be discovered by those who know our  ways you lie. 

We do not go around stealing traditions or ceremonial ways of other ethnic religious backgrounds... be proud of who you are and your own background and honor that. If you can't do that... find something that does work for you but stop STEALING OUR SACRED WAYS... just to feel you FIT IN, or finally belong to something, or it makes you feel important. 


And if you claim to have a Native name or Spirit Guide be sure your ready to back up just how you got those things! And please, don't be insulted when your mocked or laughed at by some of our people for being a fool and easily mislead without having sought truth, and trying to be something your not... a Indian... you don't see us trying to be Polish or Italian or Jew, Irish or French etc. why do you try to be Indian?

Another thing... we don't have SHAMANS.  In ANY tribe! 

And finally... no where ever, in any tribe whatsoever, has there been a PRINCESS... so if you also claim to have a Princess in your background...again your just showing what a fool you are to have believed such information as was given to you and the ignorance in that information... and just maybe asked..."Oh, and who was the KING AND QUEEN of that tribe?" 

It is because of things like this and soooo much more that we do not care to share with you - OUR SACRED WAYS.

You show no respect!!  You are who "you"  are and  if  you can not honor that... you will honor nothing.







In 1570, five Native Americans in the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada Formed the confederacy, or Iroquois League. They were the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas and the Senecas, in early 1700s, the sixth tribe, the Tuscaroras migrated from North Carolina to the border regions between New York and Pennsylvania and united with the original five tribes into one cohesive alliance. From earliest times, the unity of the Iroquois was symbolized by a wampum belt fashioned in a pattern that has become known as "Hiawatha's Belt". The symbolism is quite clear. The five devices represent the five original tribes. From left to right they represent the Seneca, the keepers of the Western Door; the Cayugas, the "people of the marsh" and "keepers of the Great Pipe"; The Onondaga, who were the "name bearers" who kept the wampum belt that contained the history of the Iroquois; the Oneida, the "stone people" symbolized by the Great Tree; and lastly the Mohawk, the "keepers of the eastern door".



Seneca Man

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The Colours

Derived from the colours used in the wampum belts:
White: Emblem of something good, of peace and purity
Purple: Emblem of more important affairs of a civic nature. 

The Eagle (A:kweks) 

Because of his ability to see afar, the Peacemaker placed him at the top of the Great Tree of Peace. If he sees in the distance any evil approaching of any danger threatening, he will at once warn the Houdenosaunee, the People of the Confederacy 

The Silver Chain 

A covenant which represents the relationship between the Houdenosaunee, which the Mohawk Nation is a member, and the Europeans. This relationship was to be "pure, strong, and untarnished" as the silver of the chain. The tradition behind the silver chain is important as it recognizes a need for the continuous attention to "polish" the chain and keep it in a healthy condition. Together these symbolize the need for continuous dialog between the Mohawk Nation and other government to maintain the health of their relationship and to deal with current issues. 

The Circle 

Symbolizes the Great Peace and the Great Law (Kayenerenhkowa) that was established by the Five Nations of the Houdenosaunee. It is provided thus: There are now the Five Nations League Chiefs standing with joined hands in a circle...be firm so that if a tree should fall upon your joined hands, it should not separate you or weaken your hold. So shall the strength of your union be preserved. 



I haven't done any recent inquires as to whether some of these stations are still operational.

Below is a list of what I have acquired from several years back and some may still be broadcasting.


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CKON-97.3 FM                            KTDB-89.7 FM                            KNSA-670 AM                           KTWI-96.5 fM
P.O. Box 140                                P.O. Box 40                                  P.O. Box 178                             20450 Empire Ave.
Rooseveltown, N.Y.                      Pinehill, NM 87357                      Unalakleet, AK 99684               Bend, OR 97701
Mohawk                                         Ramah Navajo                             Inupiaq Eskimo                          Warm Springs
                                                                                                              Confederate Tribes

WOJB-88.9 FM                           KCIE-90.5 FM                              KUHB-670 AM                           WYRE-1160 AM
RR #2, P.O. Box 2788                P.O. Box 603                                Pribiloff Sch. District                 P.O. Box 0711
Hayward, WI 54843                    Dulce, NM 87528                         St. Paul, AK 99660                    Red Springs, NC 28377
Iac Courte Oreilles                      Jicarilla Apache                            Aleut                                            Lumbee

KINI-96.1 FM                               KABR-1500 AM                           KBRW-680 AM                         Under Construction
P.O. Box 146                               P.O. Box 907                                P.O. Box 109                             Yankton Dakota Sioux,
St. Francis, SD 57572               Magdalena, NM 87825                Barrow, AK 99723                    Marty SD
Rosebud Lakota Sioux              Alamo Navajo Sch. Bd.                Inupiaq Eskimo                         Standing Rock,  Sioux                                                                                                                                                        Fort Yates, ND

KILI-90.1 FM                                KIDE-91.3 FM                              KSKO-870 AM                          Quinault Tribe,
P.O. Box 150                               P.O. Box 1220                              P.O. Box 70                               Taholah, WA
Porcupine, SD 57772                Hoopa, CA 95546                        McGrath, AK 99627                  Red Lake
Oglala Lakota Sioux                   Hupa                                              Athabascan                                Red Lake, MN
                                                                                                                                                                  Urban Alaska Natives,  

                                                                                                                                                                  Anchorage, AK                    


KEYA-88.5 FM                           KWSO-91.9 FM                            KZPA-680 AM                                   
P.O. Box 190                              P.O. Box 489                                 P.O. Box 126
Belcourt, ND 58316                   Warm Springs, OR 97761           Ft. Yukon, AK 99740
Turtle Mtn. Chippewa                 Warm Springs Confed.                Athabascan

KMHA-91.3 FM                          KGHR-91.5 FM                             KOTZ-7AM                                                                      

P.O. Box    699                           P.O. Box 160                                 P.O. Box 78                                                                                    
New Town, ND 58763               Tuba City, AZ 86045                     Kotzebue, AK 99752                                                                  
Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara          Greyhills Navajo H.S.                     Inupiaq, Eskimo

KSUT-91.3 FM                           KYUK-640 AM                               KWSW-89.3 FM
P.O. Box 737                              Pouch 468                                      P.O. Box 268
Ignacio, CO 81137                    Bethel, AK 99559                          Sisseton, SD 57262
Souther Ute                                Yupik Eskimo                                 Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux

KNNB-99.1 FM                           KCUK-640 AM                              WASG-550 AMWASG-550 AM
P.O. Box 310                               Kashunaniut Sch.Dist.                 1210 S. Main
Whiteriver, AZ 85941                 Chevak, AK 99563                       Atmore, AL 36502
White Mtn. Apache                     Cupik Eskimo                                Poarch Band, Creek

KSHI-90.9 FM                             KDLG-670 FM                               KTNN-660 AM
P.O. Box 339                               P.O. Box 670                                 P.O. Box 2569
Zuni, NM 87327                           Dillingham, AK 99576                  Window Rock, AZ 86515
Zuni Pueblo                                  Aleut                                               Navajo, Nation



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