Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux



























Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux





























Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux




































Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux































Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux





























Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux

































Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux





























Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux

































Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux



































Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux





































Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux

















Dennis Banks




Calf Woman


Brule Sioux


Secret Agent Man





Native American Spiritual including Dennis Banks, Sundance Ceremony, the scared pipe, white buffalo calf woman, origin of Brule Sioux





Born on April 12, 1938
Given the name:  Nowacumig...Meaning In the Center Of by his Anishinabe elders.

At five years old, Dennis and his siblings, were taken from their mother and their homeland 

on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota.  They were bused far away, to a B.I.A 

(Bureau of Indian Affairs) boarding school, in Pipestone, Minnesota.

Dennis tells his story--
"I remember the ride."  "It was a very long ride and I fell asleep often."  "A lot of the kids my 

age were from Onigum, so there was a group security."
"The realization didn't hit me till they separated us."  "I remember  crying at bedtime that I 

wanted to see my mother.  But, it never happened.  The full realization came when I understood 

that I wasn't going home that evening."

It would be a long time before Dennis went home again.

"I ran away from Pipestone six times, and each time I was caught." 

Getting caught meant, getting punished.  Going thru a "hotline", where other students hit you with 

clubs and belts; and having to walk around the school with a dress on to be ridiculed. He then reports...

"I was about 15yrs old and I realized the only way I was going home, was to walk or hitchhike."

Dennis has pulled off one disappearing coup after another.  On the eve of A.I.M's 71 day 

occupation of Wounded Knee, preparing for the laying down of arms, a federal martial gave 

Dennis one last chance to come quietly.


Dennis responded..."I won't be here tomorrow, I'm leaving here tonight."

The federal martial replied..."I got this place surrounded."  "I'll see you personally tomorrow."

By morning, Dennis had vanished.
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As he tells the was formed in 1968, when he was being clubbed and beaten 

by Minneapolis police in an elevator.  On his knees being beaten, he asked Creator...

"Creator, is this why you put me here?  Are we to allow ourselves to be beaten?"  "If not, tell 

me and I will "Stand Up". 

Then, as he began to stand, in his mind he heard the words..."NO MORE"!

They continued to beat him bloody, and as he stood full, he told them..."You may break me, but you 

will never break my Spirit".  This is where A.I.M (American Indian Movement) began.

Anytime one of the people are slain, A.I.M is there; and says, "NO MORE".  "We will not sit 

still and say or do  nothing an let this happen",  Dennis says in a booming voice.

That year, he goes on to tell, that several people had been brutally killed/slain.  In Rapid 

City Nebraska alone he says..."Eight people were physically forced drowned; and A.I.M 

is going there"!  "In So.Dakota, a man was shot down and killed - A.I.M, will be there"!  

"We," he goes on to say, "have a responsibility to "Stand Up", whenever we see children, 

elders, or any ofthe people being mistreated and speak out...say, "NO MORE"!   

When Dennis speaks with his booming voice, you listen.

I was honored to do a mixed sweat with Dennis while at the Sundance, and was directed to sit right 

beside him to his right.

Dennis will tell you with a chuckle, he played himself in "Thunderheart".  He also did the 

"Last of the Mohicans", and "War Party".

Dennis has a very powerful and moving recorded music cassette.






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PLACE:  Pipestone, Minnesota
Month:  August
Sponsored By: A.I.M

Some of the people I came to know while there:
Harry "Charger", Medicine Man to the "Sundance", 

rumor was this would be the last Sundance for Harry as Medicine Man. upon 

my arrival in the wee hours of the morning on that first day, there was no time to decide 

where to set up my tent.  Harry, told my companion and I, too sleep in his tipi.  So, it should of been realized by me, this was the beginning of something very special and I got to sleep in the Medicine Mans tipi.  Little did I know...wink

Harry "Bird" another elder and respected Medicine Man, 

Clyde Bellecourt, Dennis Banks, Elli,"Eagle Hail", of the Oneida "wolf clan" a Medicine Woman, 

Loretta, Retta 

for short of the Yankton Sioux, a elder of high regard and respect, Scott, "Brown Eyes", grandson to 

"Fools Crow", "Miko", of the harmony circle a young warrior who slept on the ground outside my tent 

one night, ready to assist me I was ill in the early morning hours of the last day of the ("Sundance"), 

and there were also many others; but these I would come to know personally for different reasons.





Ok, I promised to tell a little about my personal experiences while at the "Sundance".  I will start out 

by saying this, it's not for the faint of heart, it's not for wannabe's either.  If that's what you are, you 

will be quickly discovered and weeded out and, never get to the actual part of the participation of the Sundance itself.  There are strict rules to be adhered too and no one is exempt from being escorted 

away if you break them.  It is by a personal invitation alone from a Sioux brother or someone who will 

be doing the actual participation of the "piercing" and not by public announcement of "we are having a...
Sundance is, like some of the Sundance Ceremonies that are held in 

other areas.  This is not open to the public.  It is sponsored by A.I.M., American Indian Movement 

where you will get to meet the founders of A.I.M.  It's a very intense an Sacred Ceremony.  If you 

want to get the full feeling of it, you arrive several days ahead of the actual commencement of the 

Sundance Ceremony.  The entire time being ten days if your a early participant and help in the 

preparations needed to be done.  Besides setting up your encampment, there is a endless days 

work of cutting and splitting wood for all the fires for the sweats held daily, the cook shack fires, the "Harmony" circle fire, etc.  Along with, cutting tipi poles, stripping them for anyone who needs them, 

hauling the pipestone from the quarry and splitting it, setting up the arbor, the circles, the sweat 

lodges, and it goes on. 

Your day begins before sunrise (between 3am, and 4am) when you are awakened with a "bullhorn" 

wake up call to breakfast, (all food is donated or by cash donations); you have a brief time to eat your breakfast and all meals are quite the selection...there is no dally time, you eat and your put to work.  

The sun and heat are extreme, over 100 degrees, there is NO SHADE, and only the water you bring 

in for personal use as any of the other water is strictly for kitchen use...the flies...well if they don't pick 

you up and fly you off somewhere to dine on they are in your food. And there are thousands of them, 

not the occasional fly here and there.  They take over your tents or tipi's.  It is not uncommon to 

suffer heat exhaustion.

Each day holds sweats for men and women, and mixed sweats as well.  However, when your not 

doing a sweat you are working non-stop except to eat, from sunrise till sundown.  Everyone, has a 

assigned chore and exceptions.  You have to go into town to public areas for showers.


f you decide to be a actual "Dancer" get pierced (By piercing... Some are pierced on their backs, near their shoulder blades and tethered to Buffalo skulls instead of tethered to the Sun Pole and they will drag the Buffalo skulls. Sometimes it becomes necessary to have children sit on the Buffalo skulls as they drag them in order to break their tethers to the Skull) there is special things you will need to do and 

guidance will be given to you. 

There are occasional talks given at breakfast by A.I.M. leaders to inform you of who they are 

and what's expected, and you will be introduced to the Medicine Man, Clyde Bellecourt, and 

Dennis Banks. 


Now, for actual events that happen during the week, I may not cover them all here but I will try to 

get to most and give my personal reflections on them as I go.

During the week, there is held a "Woman's Circle", the "Blessing of all Pipes", going to the place 

of the "Three Sisters'", cutting of the actual "Sunpole Ceremony", (if any of you have seen the 

movie "A Man Called Horse", this is basically what the "Sundance" is about), the raising of the 

A.I.M. banner over the entrance, guidance for those who will do sweats, or have piercing done, 

and a sort of intense initiation by our Sioux brothers to try to weed out the less desirable individuals.

Believe me when I tell you, they are not shy or polite when doing this either, and most leave before 

the actual ceremonies begin.

By piercing I mean, for those of you who do not know; the men are pierced thru each breast an 

a bone is inserted through the pierced flesh.  Then to each side of the bone is attached a tether 

which runs from it to the "Sunpole", where they are secured for days, all day, with no food or water, 

in the direct sun until, after at least three days, they try to "break" or "tear" the bone from the flesh, 

by dancing rapidly backwards and leaning all their weight into the tether to the "Sunpole".  Some are 

pierced, and tethered to buffalo skulls, which they drag around the circle, if they still can not "break" 

they have small children sit upon the buffalo skulls for added extra weight to drag.  Woman, if they so 

desire can also pierce, however, they are encourage not to pierce as women have already shed 

enough of their blood through the ages.  If they decide to pierce, it is done on their arms. 
Editors Note:   
While there, I also got to see for the first time, "The Buffalo Dance",  performed very rarely and only 

for  certain circumstances...Harry of course did the dance.  It was at  3am in the morning...when 

morning and  night are in the sky together...(sun and moon).

Now although this may seem extremely brutal to some, consider the cruixifiction. The intent is 

the same basically,  prayers are offered for all walks of life for healing purposes, both physical, and 

spiritual.  In fact, the "Sunpole" becomes a symbol of true beauty, as also tied to it are, huge lengths 

of colorful ribbons with prayer bundles attached to them by anyone wishing to tie one to the 

"Sunpole", with special prayer intentions.

The "Sunpole" itself, is chosen by the Medicine Man, a ceremony is performed, and the tree is first 

struck by a young virgin, then in turn by each woman, then the men; the tree as it falls, (well here is something some of you are gonna scratch your heads about) is never allowed to fall actually touching 

the ground. Even once its branches are cut, the women haul the braches and they too cannot touch 

the ground. The "Sunpole" is then hauled upon the great shoulders of the men, all the way back to the

circle where the ceremony will be held. The women wait for the arrival of the men, and upon the 

entrance of the "Sunpole" for placement into the great hole that will hold it upright, women spread 

their shawls on the ground as the men walk in so the "Sunpole" can then be laid upon them and 

still not come in direct contact with the ground.The prayer bundle ties are then attached to it (Other rope ties are attached to raise the Sunpole). Once all of that is complete, the profound and most spiritual feeling one can imagine overcomes you as the raising and setting into place is done. You hear the great "thump" as it slides into position, and the prayer banners of many colors are then seen stretching away into the breeze. I can't begin to tell you my personal feelings at this point after all the weeks hard arduous work seeing this being accomplished.  As we Natives say, "My heart was full".  


As for the sweats, I was privileged to do a mixed sweat with Dennis Banks, and you have never done 

a sweat, till you do a Sioux sweat.  You feel the heat of the stones before they even are brought 

INTO the sweat itself.  Once in the sweat, no one leaves, NO ONE, till the sweat is done. One small 

male child tried with the excuse, "I have to go pee", Dennis just looked at him and said..."hold it", 

"pray", "no one leaves".  This is the way of the sweat.  Also, for your information those who do not 

know...a "mixed" sweat is with men and women, and your naked, sitting only upon a small towel 

which is allowed or the bare ground.  If you can't handle the thought of men and women (strangers) 

sitting naked together, in the dark, quite simply, your not ready for a sweat.  Its spiritual...not sexual.  

Its about the womb, and how you were born, and drew the first breathe of life.  Unless, your pure in 

thoughts and spirit...stay the heck out of a sweat.  YOU DON'T BELONG THERE!  If you have health

problems, think twice, a sweat is long, the heat is unlike anything you have experienced.  Not to be 

even considered to be compared to a sauna or steam bath.

THE DANCING:  Those who are not pierced, dance under the arbor in place, on shawls, and the 

dancing again is loooooong and in the heat, some even go to dance under the full moon at night, 

like I did on each night, as well as during the day.

Many things, unexplainable, happened to me personally.  Because they are so personal, I will not 

speak of them here.  I will tell you, I had the immense honor to be included in a very special ceremony 

done for the first time ever while there during the "Sundance".  The Medicine Man explained to all...this ceremony, came to him in a vision, and he was instructed to do this ceremony, of which only maybe 

five women of the entire encampment would be hand picked to participate. (I speak a bit of this 

ceremony elsewhere in this website)

One which would start the ceremony first and then the other four or so to join in.  I was the first

 woman picked to start this special ceremony never before done.  I didn't even know I was being 

picked for such a honor when Dennis Banks came over and was speaking to those around me 

about what was about to this day I have no idea what it was he was saying as I was 

deep into meditative prayers an dancing to the drum and eagle whistles with all the others.  Never 

did I think he was speaking to...who...ME? Next thing I knew, I was being taken from the crowd 

being led by Dennis's hand, to the entrance of the "Sun Circle" itself, and thinking... 


"Ohhhhh boy, what the heck is happening here, what the heck is this about"?  "What did I do now?"

"What am I suppose to do now!!!!". 

Not funny when you think, I was just in deep meditative thought and suddenly taken from that, 

an now being led to the circle and INTO it.  I soon found myself, "dancing at the "Sunpole"...

this is NOT the customary thing.  No one is in the circle, except those who are pierced.  No one 

dances at the "Sunpole" except the ones who are pierced., what was going to 

happen next?

I wont go into the details of that special ceremony, except to say, for a very long time, I was 

dancing at the "Sunpole" and as they say "praying for a vision", and the Medicine Man, came 

to me three separate times...I will tell of only this one approach, the last approach that was made and what happened...

the rest will remain private as to what the ceremony was about.  He took the Sacred Red Earth from 

his paint bowl, and upon my forehead, placed a circle with a dot in the middle of it...and then said...

"From now on where every you go, Grandfather will recognize you."

A Eagle Wing Blessing then also took place and when that was done...I heard as I was receiving 

the Blessing...

"Wow, interesting, that's never happened before. I just got a shock from you!" Well I wanted to say...

"Hey, this is ALL a SHOCK to ME". 

So, besides the honor of the special invitation to attend, along with doing a mixed sweat with 

Dennis be specifically chosen to be honored with a special ceremony within the circle 

itself, never before having been performed...WOW!!!!!!!

"Thank you Grandfather, you have smiled upon me; and I'm grateful."

***There is a interesting story of what happened with "MY" shawl when the "Sunpole" was brought 

into the circle.  Ask me about it sometime and, I'll tell you the story.

I'm called Autumn Wind Song, and I swear this account to be true and will smoke the pipe on it.  





The story of:                                           
Let me start out by saying there are almost as 
many accounts of this story as there are buffalo...

well almost as many...but the message and  the way its told is always the same no matter 

who does the telling...its about...... "Honor...Integrity...Courage...Strength"

Black Elk does a story account of how the pipe came to be...and for more depth, 

read Joseph Eppes Brown's..."The Sacred Pipe", in which he shares the  account from Black Elk,

the Lakota holy man, visionary, and leader who died in the early 1950's: or the beautiful artistic rendering of that same story in Vera Louise Drysdales's..."The Gift of the Sacred Pipe".  

As for myself...I really like the story I will tell here from the book..."American Indian Myths and Legends" 

by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.  This book, should you care to seek it out has the 

"isbn #0-394-74018-1" and is a very interesting book of many myths and legends of many tribes...

some I'm sure, some of you have never even heard of...I personally recommend this book for it will 

provide many hours of extremely enjoyable reading. 

Now, to the arduous task, but pleasant at the same time, I will begin to share the story here...

I hope for those of you who have never heard the story, you will gain insight into what makes the 

Pipe Sacred to all walks of Native Americans and the ceremony which evolves around it...for it 

is believed that...when you smoke the pipe you call Creator...and in speaking to Creator...with the 

pipes smoke...Creator will know if you speak "TRUTH"...for who would dare to lie to Creator and 

suffer the consequences of those lies.  




Crow Dog explains, "This holy woman brought the sacred buffalo calf pipe to the Sioux. There could 

be no Indians without it.  Before she came, people did not know how to live.They knew nothing.

The Buffalo Woman put her scared mind into their minds."...

At the ritual of the Sundance one woman, usually a mature and universally respected member 

of the tribe, is given the honor of representing Buffalo Woman. 

White Buffalo Woman was also a buffalo--the Indian's brother, who gave its flesh so that the people 

may live.  Albino buffalo were sacred to all Plains tribes: a white Buffalo's hide was a sacred talisman, 

a possession beyond price.

For those of you who may not recent years several white buffalo calves have been born and interesting enough....were female.





(Here I will give "my" rendition "based" on the story in the book "American Indian Myths and Legends"...

and will adapt this account to reflect the story as was told.)

No one knows for sure how long ago it was when the seven council fires of the Lakota came 

together and camped during the summer season.  Perhaps because it was a hot and dry summer 

the buffalo found no grasses and were hard to find...the people were starving...and many times scouts 

would come back with no news of the herd...the Sioux at this time had not as yet learned how to use 

horses and had none, so scouts always went out on foot. 

One day, two scouts while hunting still could find nothing...and so decided to climb a hill for a better 

look into the distance...upon reaching the top of that hill...they saw in the distance a figure that did 

not seem to walk upon the land, floating instead of walking and so they knew this to be "wakan"...

holy.  Shielding their eyes to see better they noticed the figure coming closer and began to realize 

this was a very beautiful young woman...she wore a gorgeous soft white tanned buckskin dress, 

so white the bright sun only made it stand out more...sewn with designs in porcupine quills and in 

colors never seen before...she was indeed breathtaking to behold. 

The woman was Ptesan-Wi... White Buffalo Woman.  Her hair tied with buffalo and eyes of deep wisdom...she carried a large  bundle with some sage.

Overwhelmed the two young men could do little more than stare.  One man could do nothing more 

than stare in awe, but the other, became filled with lustful desire and wanted to reach out and touch 

this woman.  As he reached out to touch her, a bolt of lightning struck the young man down leaving 

only a pile of ashes where he once stood...this woman was very sacred and could not be treated with 

such disrespect.  His over zealous approach, and weakness of desire to something so scared 

was quickly dealt with...

(To this day. native men are taught at a very young age to treat all women with a profound 

respect or be punished or looked upon with great disdain...(In some extreme cases even shunned.)

The other scout behaved honorably and remained pure of heart...and so the White Buffalo Woman 

began to speak to him...she told the young scout she was bringing something very holy to the 

people of his nation from the buffalo people.  She then told the young man to return to his camp 

and speak of what he had seen and for the people to prepare a scared lodge of twenty four poles 

to be blessed and cleansed for her arrival.  After relating his story to the chief a crier was sent 

throughout the camp announcing someone scared was coming.  That a holy woman would come 

and they would need to prepare for her arrival.  They day passed and nothing 

happened...two days passed and nothing happened...three days passed and still nothing...but on the 

fourth day they saw the beautiful woman in her bright white buckskins approaching carrying a 

bundle before her.  The chief greeted her with respect and invited her to enter the medicine lodge 

that had been prepared for her...upon entering she circled the lodge in a sunrise direction and 

upon taking her place the chief then spoke saying...they were honored that she had come and 

would tell them how to live...

She began to give her instructions...she requested a scared altar to be placed in the center of the lodge 

made of red earth...

(In Pipestone Minn. there is the only quarry that has the scared red stone used to this day for 

making the bowls of the Sioux pipes.   This stone is NOT to be SOLD or BOUGHT...but sadly 

even at some of today's pow-wows you see this sacred stone being sold. Legend has it that upon this 

place during a great raid to a village of only women and children at the time, many were slain...

and it was the blood of these that turned the stone red.  What price can you put upon that and remain 

with a sacred intent?  The sacred red pipestone must be gifted...and the giver must not have 

bought the pipestone either...sooooo keep this firmly in mind if you should ever come across this 

sacred red stone...and act accordingly with a pure heart and mind...not out of desire or greed, 

because if you do...nothing good will come from it. 


Each year, in August, at the time of the full moon, it is here that the Sioux come together for the 

sacred Sun Dance Ceremony.  It is NOT open to the public and only by invitation may you attend.

I was honored with just such a invitation one summer to attend the Sundance Ceremony, an even further honored  with a Ceremony involving me by the Medicine Man leading the Sundance. I was brought to the

center of the circle  to dance at the pole where a ceremony was then performed honoring women.

The medicine man explained that this ceremony was gifted to him in a vision and for the first time was being performed that year.  It was so all men of all walks could be forgiven for the cruelties placed upon women throughout the years by men.

The medicine man wept while explaining this vision.During the ceremony, of which I will not go into all the details as it is a very personal and scared experience for me, the medicine man took the red earth and with a mixture from his paint bowl place a circle with a dot in the center upon my forehead...and with these words then said..."From now on where ever you go Grandfather will recognize you." 

There was much more to the ceremony, but in that moment I felt something very indescribable 

happen...I have documented this entire account in my personal journal. 

It was also during this Sundance Ceremony, I had the honor of doing a sweat with Dennis Banks...

who also assisted the medicine man during the time of the Sundance...for those of you who do not 

know of Dennis Banks...he is the founding member of the A.I.M  (American Indian Movement)...

and his account of what brought that to be is another story and  very personal to him. I will also only say...

you have not done a "Sweat" or "Inipi", until you have done a Sweat with the come to really appreciate what a Sweat is all about  when you do...and I say that with a sly respectful grin of sorts

upon my face."

Back to the story...

Upon the altar would be placed a buffalo skull and a three stick rack for something very holy she was bringing. Once this was completed, she made a small design in the soft red earth of the altar and again circled the lodge in a sunwise direction.  Stopping before the chief, she now opened her sacred bundle and within it contained the "chanunpa" the sacred pipe.  She lifted the chanunpa and held it high for 
all the people to see holding the stem with her right hand and the bowl with her left and sooooo it is  still held this way today.  The chief, was embarrassed that he had no meat to offer this woman and  went on to say..."We have no meat to offer you, but let me offer at least this sweet water for your thirst"...he then dipped some sweet grass into a skin of water and offered her a drink. 

(Even today, sweet grass will be used to dip into water and sprinkled upon a person for purification.)

The White Buffalo Woman went on to show how the pipe was to be used...she filled the bowl with red willow bark (This red willow is "Pussy Willow" and it's bark is used as a medicinal treatment for things such as... *sore throat... being like aspirin*) and walked around the lodge four times to signify the circle with no end, and the coming together of all the people from the four directions...having done that...she then placed a dried buffalo 
chip in the fire and from this lit the pipe...

You DON'T lite a pipe with a cigarette lighter...geeeeesh please people...I have cringed when I have 

seen this done...and more often than not...and one wonders why the term "wannabees" exist...and 

why our traditions are still kept for the most secret.  Until respect is shown for these traditional and 

sacred ways it will remain so...and should.

As mentioned earlier...she went on to explain that the smoke from the pipe was the breath of the great Tunkashila...the living breath of the Great Grandfather Mystery.  The White Buffalo Woman went on to explain the ceremony of the pipe how to fill it and sing the song of the pipe while filling to 

offer it to all directions...she went on to explain that with the pipe the people would walk in a sacred way...and how by lifting the pipe to the directions and feet on the ground a bridge is formed with the 

"sacred above" as well as the "sacred below", and how by doing so all things become connected; 

in this way we recognize that we are all related...all that flies, swims, crawls, walks, grows, we are all related and connected as one. 

She went on explaining about the bowl of the pipe...she said the stone of the bowl represents the buffalo but, also the flesh and blood of the red man...the buffalo because he stands on four legs represents the four directions and the four ages of creations. That each year he loses one hair and with every time 

of the four ages he will lose one leg. It is said that when he loses all his hair and legs the sacred 

hoop will end and at this time waters will come back and cover the earth. 


** Last year "Miracle" the 1st white buffalo Calf to be born... DIED... (Interpretation: Lost all of her legs also, she lost all her hair as her hide was removed to be saved) as we have seen, much water is covering the Earth by ways of California Mud Slides, Midwestern Floods, Florida Hurricanes last year being the worst and of course the recent Tsunami of 2005. Top

The bowl of the pipe represents woman and the stem is the only thing in 
which the making of it includes both men and women...the bowl had seven circles in it for the seven sacred ceremonies that would be done and the seven sacred fires of the Sioux.  She went on to speak to the women...telling them...the work you do with your hands and the fruit of  your body is what keeps are as 

Mother Earth life bearers and your work is every bit as important as what the warriors do.  It is for this reason, you also have a part in the pipe.

The White Buffalo Woman had also sacred gifts for the women in her bag...corn, pemmican, turnip,...instructions on how to make a hearth fire...she showed them that by putting a red hot stone 

into a water bag of animal that this would heat the water and would be used in this way to cook the 

corn and meat...she also spoke to the children...telling them how important they are and what their parents do for them and they were also children once and one day they too would have children 

and all would come to know the sacred pipe ceremony. 

She then went on again to all the people she said...the pipe is a red being showing you to walk the red road and death as well as life is important.  The day a person dies is always a sacred day and the day 

a persons spirit is released is also a sacred and great day...on such a day...four women will become sacred...they will be the ones to cut the sacred tree...the can-wakan...for the Sundance.

(At the Sundance...the first to strike the tree to be a young woman who is still a virgin...

from there each woman takes a strike at the tree...from youngest to oldest...a wood chip is then a gift from the tree to the women...and it is the women who also carry away its branches as the men bare 

the pole upon their shoulders and carry it to the hill where the Sundance is performed...note here also...when the tree is taken that it never directly touches the earth as it falls, and even 

the branches when carried are not to touch the earth)

She then went on to tell the people that they were the purest of all the tribes and for this reason they 

were gifted the pipe and were chosen to take care of it for all the people of turtle island...all tribes.  

She spoke one more time to the chief reminding him that the pipe is sacred and told him to respect 

it and it would take the people to the end of the red road.  She then said...I am the four ages...I will 

come back to you at the end of every fourth generation...she then left the people but reminded them 

one more time...I will return and I will see you again.

As she was leaving walking into the setting sun...she laid down and rolled over four times.  The first 

time she turned into a black buffalo...the second time she became a brown...the third 

and finally upon rolling the fourth time...she became a white female buffalo calf. 

To the people a white buffalo female calf is the most sacred thing you could ever encounter...the four times she rolled was to signify the four ages of generations...when she disappeared...the buffalo came back to feed the people and nourish them not only of the flesh but of their souls...and today the people make use of all the buffalo for the things they need and never waste any part of a is said...

that when a white female buffalo calf would be born...this would be the time when all tribes should 

come together and remember the gift of White Buffalo Calf Woman and what the pipe represents and 

the sacred hoop would be in its greatest need to come together for all people...for all our relations...

for a peaceful way to walk. Several years ago...the first white buffalo calf was born and...more were to follow...there are websites dedicated to their stories.  As we all know, the world is in terrible turmoil.

There is much happening to signify it is a time when we should join not separate and to remember...

we are all sacred beings sharing this earth and must live our lives in a sacred way and walk gently 

with love for all upon this earth.

And so...this is one of the many stories of how the pipe came to be...I hope you enjoyed the story the way that I have interpreted it for you here.  No matter who tells it or how it is told as I said in the is about...HONOR...INTEGRITY...COURAGE...STRENGTH...TO COME TOGETHER 

FOR WE ARE ALL remember to respect the life bearers and keepers...women...and to give also respect to the men who protect them.

I am...Mohawk and Huron...I am called Autumn Wind Song...




DSES 2004